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CARRAB BRAKE PARTS AB was founded 2003 and today we are a leading provider to the brake friction industry and we provide and deliver accessories to OE/OES manufacturers.

Through providing the market with a complete supply of finished accessories and other products needed when renovating brakes CARRAB BRAKE PARTS are a significant supplier to wholesalers on the car aftermarket in Europe and the rest of the world.

Our business idea is to deliver assembly kits and accessories to brakes with knowledge and flexible solutions.









  Today we deliver to customers from all over the world. 

  CARRAB BRAKE PARTS is a serious and long-term business partner so if you have something you want to discuss, do not hesitate to contact us.    




Carrab Brake Parts AB - Franska vägen 13 B, - SE-393 56 Kalmar – SWEDEN – phone +46 480 48 03 50
fax +46 480 207 10 – email - web