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All products and services delivered from Carrab Brake Parts AB should at least meet our customers' 
expectations and requirements. 
To achieve this, the company's management shall continually improve the quality management system, 
create and maintain a strong quality awareness among all employees and ensure good 
work environment. 
In their daily work, all employees work under zero-defect-principle by error preventing 
philosophy, which means that we do it right from the start. 
As a basis for our cooperation with customers and suppliers to apply mutual knowledge 
each other's needs and opportunities. 
In case of a complaint or other reactions from the customer the situation 
solved in such a way that the customer gets increased confidence Carrab Brake Parts AB and its products. 
All staff must be able to perform their duties and this will be achieved through continuing education, instruction and information.


Carrab Brake Parts AB - Franska vägen 13 B, - SE-393 56 Kalmar – SWEDEN – phone +46 480 48 03 50
fax +46 480 207 10 – email - web